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Tango Events

  • 25.11.2017 - Milonga mezi hvězdami
    Hvězdárna a planetárium Brno, Kraví hora 522/2, Brno, Česko

  • 06.01.2018 - Milonga v Místogalerii
    Kounicova 23, Brno


Introduction to Argentine Tango dancing

Tango argentino is a  musical genre with a specific rhythm and with bandoneón as the typical musical instrument. At the same time, it is a social dance which originated in the streets and salons of Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Montevideo (Uruguay) in late 19th century.
Since then tango has evolved, new forms and styles have appeared and especially in last 15-20 years it has grown in popularity internationally as a type of enjoyable entertainment.Miguel & Market

Tango is always improvised, it is based on wordless communication and harmonious movements of the dancing partners. Thus each dancer and each couple create their own dance form which is unique and unreproducible being influenced by the personalities, music, environment, and the momentary mood of the two dancers.Tango argentino offers the possibility to seek and find common inner communication, harmony in dance movements and self-expression.

It also enables each dancer to express his/her individuality in a very private and intimate way. It requires concentration and stimulates creativity in connection with the tango music.

Tango argentino is very different from the European form of tango we know from our dancing lessons and dance competitions not only as far as the posture and movements are concerned but also, and especially, as far as its purpose is concerned.

Here the purpose is not to perform the best (by training acquired) dance composition, win a competition, fascinate the jury members and the audience, or to resemble an ideal model.

Tango argetino offers a pleasant physical and social activity for people of any age, a chance to meet new interesting people and enjoy spending time in a pleasant and often multicultural environment.

Tango argetino brings people together through emotions, not through similarity of age, or territorial or social status.

At milongas in dancing halls people can present and express themselves in a large variety of ways. The emotional, sometimes even spiritual aspect of tango is very important, maybe the most important of all.

Common dancing movements with another person together with the beautiful tango music brings a feeling of satisfaction and harmony. People can feel pleasant relaxation and they gain new energy.

Sensitive people can find here what they miss in these aggressive and fast-moving times full of strong individualities: the nearness of another human being, stress relief, new energy and affiliation.

Writed by: Radka Šulcová [www.caminito.cz]; Translated by: Marcelita

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