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Tango Events

  • 25.11.2017 - Milonga mezi hvězdami
    Hvězdárna a planetárium Brno, Kraví hora 522/2, Brno, Česko

  • 06.01.2018 - Milonga v Místogalerii
    Kounicova 23, Brno


About tango

Argentine Tango in the Czech republic

Do you feel like dancing Argentine Tango but do not know where to go? Believe it or not, tango is nowadays danced in many cities all over the Czech Republic.


In Brno, tango has been danced regularly  for over ten years. There are two dance schools with courses taking place nearly every day. At thesame time, there is at least one regular milonga every week.


České Budějovice
A new group of dancers that meet several times per week has emerged in this south-bohemian city. They regularly visit Jindřichův Hradec or Prague to take part in tango dance events.

Introduction to Argentine Tango dancing

Tango argentino is a  musical genre with a specific rhythm and with bandoneón as the typical musical instrument. At the same time, it is a social dance which originated in the streets and salons of Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Montevideo (Uruguay) in late 19th century.
Since then tango has evolved, new forms and styles have appeared and especially in last 15-20 years it has grown in popularity internationally as a type of enjoyable entertainment.Miguel & Market

Tango etiquette on the dancefloor

When the word ´Milonga´ is mentioned  (referring to a tango dance event), there are several rules to be considered and respected. Although at first they might seem rather complicated and somewhat restrictive to you, as a beginner of tango, soon enough you will come to realize that they in fact make milonga and dance itself more pleasant and enjoyable experience. It is due to the existence of these rules that it is possible to find a dance partner even in a loud environment and to find out whether he/she is willing to dance with you or not. However, most importantly do these rules enable you to predict the movement of the other dance couples and hence you can devote yourself to mutual experience of music and of the dance.

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